Review: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice does JUSTICE to DC Universe


SPOILER ALERT: No story is revealed here, only few little things that people already know. If you’re fussy about your movies like me, then read it after the movie. But please do watch the movie.

I think Dawn of Justice is the only motion picture that does true justice to the DC comics story line as in Comics. A DC Comics fan, like me, is going to love this movie. The movie lays a good foundation for Justice League movies and DC universe. This movie revealed various characters from DC Universe other than Bats and Supes, such as Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Doomsday, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Firefly. They have even shown Firefly’s origin story if I guessed it right.

I hope Justice League movies come out good, but I seriously want to see a movie based on the Alternate Timeline shown in this movie, specifically from Injustice series. If you have read Flash’s comics or even watched Flash TV show, you will know about alternate timelines.

That scene in the desert where batman was trying to steal kryptonite and was attacked by Superman’s army, that’s from Injustice series, which happens to be my favorite¬†–¬†Superman going crazy after Lois Lane’s death (remember he says, “she meant everything to me”), having his own army and team including Flash, Wonder Woman, and against team of Batman, Arrow, Harley … I want a movie for that.

Movie is awesome. It’s one of the best representation of DC universe and Batman (along with mask of phantasm), and visually very beautiful.

Ben Affleck is very convincing as Batman contrary to what people were speculating. Why he looks older than Superman? The movie is after the time Batman has faced Joker before and as suggested by Robin’s costume with Joker’s message, Robin is dead. So Batman has been around a while already, but Superman has just arrived on earth. His fight with Zod in “Man Of Steel” destroys Wayne enterprises and Batman considers him a danger.

There are some reasons why people are not liking or may not like this movie. First, this movie can be hard to understand for those who haven’t read DC comics or played games such as Batman’s Arkham series and Injustice: Gods amongst us. Also, one must watch “Man Of Steel” first before watching Batman Vs Superman. Or one can also read Injustice comics. Second, the sequences related to alternate timelines are not explained properly, so someone can think what the hell is going on. Lastly, I will blame Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. The trilogy showed Nolan’s version of Batman which was quite different from actual story, such as Batman learning from Ra’s Al Ghul, Bane being the main villain and few other. And now most of us think that Nolan’s Batman movies show the true Batman, and we find it hard to accept a different version.

According to me the movie is not bad at all, as being suggested by Rotten Tomatoes. Fight sequences are very good and I wish there was more of Wonder Woman, but the stage is already set for her, and foundation laid for Justice League.


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