Captain America Civil War: Not so good.


I’ll just cut to the chase directly. I didn’t like Civil War. I’m too filled up of the emotions after watching the movie, that i don’t care about properly editing this post and make it look good.

[SPOILER ALERT : spoilers ahead]

Problem with Civil War is that the actual reason that they wanted to show that resulted in forming two groups among Avengers got sidelined. It started with registration act, which should’ve been the actual reason, but then it got lost somewhere. Captain America and Iron Man were fighting against each other because of The Winter Soldier, who’s Captain’s best friend. He got framed for an attack, and in order to save him, Captain America got against Shield and Iron Man. That’s one fine reason, and I can understand why Falcon was supporting Captain, as he’s always on his side.

But then suddenly, Captain America’s team recruited two new members – Hawkeye and Ant-Man. I don’t understand what was driving them to fight with Captain America against Shield and Tony Stark. The reason of registration act was not mentioned again ever, and it became a revenge story for Tony stark to avenge his parents’ death. Also, Spiderman’s cameo is awesome and fun, but again he’s just trusting Tony Stark and fighting against one of the most famous and disciplined hero – Captain America without any reason.

What would have been better was to keep the registration act the focus of the movie and thus the two groups, as was in the comics story line. What’s strange is there were people who didn’t like the reason for which Superman fought Batman in Batman Vs Superman, i.e. because his mother was taken hostage, but then same set of people justify the reason of saving one’s best friends from Shield as a valid reason.

Well, i didn’t like Civil War much, and i am really shocked that on the one hand this movie has a score of over 90% on rotten tomatoes, and on the other hand Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of justice is sitting at 26% rotten. Not even this, Civil war currently is in IMDB top 250 list (number 88).

Here’s my review of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of justice.

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