Weird dismissal in a cricket match in Victoria, Australia

In a local Cricket match in Victoria, Australia, a batsman, Jatinder Singh, was given out even though the bails didn’t dislodged. What was weird is that the middle stump was completely knocked out and somehow bails stayed in position.

After a little debate, confused umpire gave him out. With a later check with the rules book, both the teams agreed with the decision.

But the views on social media are divided on this decision, with majority saying batsman should not been given out, as according to rules, bails must be dislodged. But some argue that as there’s no middle stump standing, bails have been dislodged from the three stumps.

There’s no explanation how the bails managed to balance just on the left and right stumps without middle stump there. This has never ever happened in any cricket match, and it’s highly unlikely to happen again.

According to me batsman should’ve been given not out, what are your views?


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