My Name is Khan and I am not a Terrorist

My Name Is Khan Movie

Khan and not Singh, that’s what i want to talk about at the moment. “My name is Khan, and i am not a terrorist” this is the punch line of Shahrukh Khan’s latest movie, My Name is Khan. The movie puts forward an important point – being a Muslim does not mean that you are a terrorist. Now you may ask that there are already around dozen of movies with same theme, so what makes this movie special?

Well, this movie indeed follows the same theme which many other movies have tried already. Some how, all other movies were not that convincing. This movie puts forward an important fact in a different manner. There is no terrorism shown in the movie, not much suffering as in the movies such as New York, Kurbaan and others. This movie tells a story of a person suffering from Autism, and how he deals with different situations in his life. The movie shows how the world got divided in a before 9/11 and post 9/11 era. The way Shahrukh behaves and how different things happen in his life, reminded me of Forrest Gump.

The movies does show that there is certain sect of Muslims who are in favour of Jihad and similarly it shows that majority of Americans hate all those who are Muslims. But Rizwan Khan (Shahrukh) does not know who are Hindus, who are Muslims and who are Christians. What he knows that there are only two kind of people – Good and Bad, and these can be found in any part of the society, in any religion. He believes in what Mahatama Ghandi believed – An eye for an eye, will make the world blind. He wants to go to everyone that his name is Khan and he is proud of it and being a Khan does not make him a terrorist. So he chose to go direclty to the US President and tell him, “My Name is Khan and I am not a terrorist”.

I went to the movie without any expectations as i normally don’t like the movies where Shahrukh and Karan Johar come together. But this movie was different; a different love story. The movie brings up a very important point and i believe whole world should be made to watch this. This movie should be shown to each and every American, Australians, English and others, who think people are terrorist just by looking at their names. If they are not watching then it should be shown to them forcefully, so that they can at least change the way they think.

The movie is good and should be seen. On the Dood Meter i will rate this movie 4 out of 5.


Dood Meter: $$$$
Director: Karan Johar
Shahrukh Khan – Rizwan Khan

Kajol – Mandira

Jimmy Shergill – Rizwan’s brother
Genre: Drama/Romance


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