School For Scoundrels (2006)

If you are fed up with the lazy gear your life has got into, if you are tired of all the failures coming your way, if you like to smile but all you can do is frown, then this is a tailor made movie – specially for you. The movie revolves around a central character Roger (Jon Heder) who is so beaten by life that he doesn’t find anything going his way. He sucks at his job, gets bullied by strangers, faints while talking to the girl he likes, gets dumped by a small boy whom he teaches swimming at the “Big Brother” teaching class and has lost all the confidence in himself. Then one day his friend at ‘Big Brother” suggests him to contact some Dr P. This Dr P runs a small school for people like Roger, to make them stand on their feet and face life.

Our guy somehow manages to join the class and finds himself among 15 other people like him. People who have lost all confidence in life, in themselves and are pretty sure they are not worth anything. This class has a teacher, Dr P & his monstrous assistant “Lesher”. Dr P teaches his students how live life on one’s own terms. He gives all the golden rules to his students and constantly monitors their progress. After a phase of initial hesitation, Roger starts learning, but to Dr.P’s amazement he advances too soon, too fast. Roger finally succeeds to date the girl he likes and find a new zest in life. But when everything seems to get on track, he is shocked to discover that his very own mentor, Dr.P is hitting at the girl he loves. Confused and amazed, he is told by his friends, that Dr P usually does this to people who threaten his authority, to people to become too smart for him or to put in the simplest of words, to people who have a potential to be another Dr.P. Such people are ruined and decimated by Dr P so that he can always be the unbeatable.

The movie progresses with Roger taking Dr. P in a head-on confrontation, questioning his authority and pledging to get his girl back. The movie has numerous twists and turns with both sides (Roger & Dr P) having the ball in their courts at different times. Finally our hero succeeds in winning his girl and exposing Dr P. The movie ends with Dr P meeting Roger in personal and awarding him the ‘first ever Diploma’ from the ‘School for Scoundrels’. Dr P also requests Roger to some at the school some time and deliver a guest lecture. But our guy replies in superbly framed quote ‘Those who can, do. Those who cant,teach’.

The movie gives lots of lessons to its viewers. It is superbly directed with lots of hidden messages. If someone has a sharp eye to comprehend what’s hidden, he can really enjoy the drama. It sends a message to take life head-on, to be bold and assertive, to fight for one’s rights and to live with a high held head. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and i bet that anyone who has a passion to live will enjoy it the same way.

My Rating: $$$
Directed by:Todd Phillips
Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Jon Heder, Jacinda Barrett, Michael Clarke Duncan, Horatio Sanz
Genre : Comedy
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