Parzania – Based on True Story

Parzania Movie

PARZANIA, directed by Rahul Dholakia, is really a good movie according to me. This movie not only unfolds the aftermath of Godhra Riots, it also narrates the story of a Parsi family and how it loses its 10-year-old kid to the riots. The only thing the movie wants to portray is the only person who is affected by such riots is a common man.

The movie shows how a group of thousands of Hindus ruthlessly butchered non-Hindus to avenge for the incident that took place in Godhra. While watching the movie, for the first time in my life, i felt ashamed of being a HINDU. How can anyone take revenge against the whole community for the crime that few people did. And the most shameful thing being shouting the slogans “JAI SHRI RAM” while butchering the innocents.

The movie shows how people of all the ages were killed, women of all the ages were raped, knives and swords were placed inside the private parts of the women, women’s breasts were cut off with the swords during this Godhra aftermath.

The movie also shows the life of a happy Parsi family of Cyrus (naseerudin shah) and Shehnaz (sarika) and their children. Their 10 year son was named Parzan and he and his little sister have their own world of ice creams and chocolates called Parzania. The girl even being a Parsi wanted to tie rakhi to her brother. Parzan wanted to be in Indian Cricket Team. But during the riots there world collapsed. The family lost Parzan in the riots and was made homeless.

Allan [Corin Nemec], an American, arrives in Ahmedabad searching for answers, praying to find internal peace and understand the world and his troubled life. Allan has chosen India as his school and Gandhi as his subject. It’s here that he meets Cyrus and his loving family. But what he found in the peaceful place of Gandhi was shameless incidents of Hindu-Muslim riots. He was shocked to see it in the place of the man who always stood for Hindu-Muslim Unity.

Watch this movie if you like serious cinema as this is based on the true story of the family who lost their son in Gujarat Riots and they still believe that he his alive and they are waiting for him to return.

The movie is good and should be seen. On the Dood Meter i will rate this movie 4 out of 5.


Dood Meter: $$$$
Release Date: 26 Jan 2005
Director: Rahul Dholakia
Naseerudin Shah – Cyrus

Corin Nemec – Allan

Sarika – Shehnaz
Genre: Drama

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