What is Carpal Syndrome

Using the computer for prolonged periods can damage the nerves

Carpal SyndromeCarpal tunnel is a narrow passageway in the wrist on the same side as the palm. When the wrist is bent for a prolonged duration repeatedly (eg, typing), it compresses the median nerve. This produces numbness and pain and is termed as carpal tunnel syndrome.


Numbness in the fingers, especially thumb, index and middle finger. Burning, tingling sensation in the palm. Pain radiating in upward direction of the hand. Tightening of joints and fingers. Poor grip while holding objects
Who’s at risk?

People working on laptop and computer for long hours without break. Driving for long hours. Obese people. Patients suffering from hypothyroidism and diabetes. Long durations of text/talking on the mobile.

Use minimum force while performing your tasks. Take regular breaks, stretch your wrists. Keep the keyboard at elbow height or slightly lower. Improve your posture and do wrist exercises at least twice a week.


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