Patiala House Movie: Another disaster by Akshay Kumar

Patiala House Movie

Patiala House


Director: Nikhil Advani

Akshay Kumar – Parghat Singh Kahlon aka Gattu

Anushka Sharma – Simran
Rishi Kapoor – Gurtej Kahlon
Dimple Kapadia – Mrs Kahlon
Hard Kaur– Gattu’s Cousin

Genre: Action/Romance

Patiala House is an another disappointment for Akshay Kumar’s fans. We all were waiting for Akshay Kumar to try something different, other than his joker gimmicks that he has been trying a lot such as Housefull and Tees Maar Khan. Athough, he came out with a differnt role, much serious than his other movies, with Patiala House, the movie failed to impressed.

The movie is about a Sikh man (Rishi Kapoor) who lost his elder brother due to racist attacks in London, and after that he started hating all the britishers. He even united all the Sikhs in Soutall and became their leader. His son, played by Akshay Kumar, was the best bowler of that time in Southall. He was called to join English NAtional Cricket team, but due to his father he could not.

In the second half of the movie, he was persuaded by Aushka Sharma and his cousins for joining the team. It’s kind of similar as was “Bend It Like Beckham”.

Though, the release time of the movie was carefully chosen to be just before the Cricket World Cup, the movie failed to impress. Akshay Kumar was ok in the movie and Rishi Kapoor was great. Akshay Kumar’s mother’s role was played by Dimple Kapadia. One of his cousins was plaed by Hard Kaur, who wanted to be a Rap Star but she couldn’t because of Rishi Kapoor. Movie also features cricketers such as former England’s captain, Nasir Hussain, and Australian Andrew Symonds. Anushka Sharma has to try some different roles. The way she speaks and acts is almost similar in all her roles in the movies Badmaash Company, Band Baaja Baraat, and now Patiala House.

Music of th emovie is great, including the two hit songs “Raula Pai Gaya” and Laung Da Lashkara. On the Dood Meter i will rate this moive 2.5 out of 5.

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