National Anthem by Handicapped Children

I am not a big supporter of the current tradition in our movie theatres, where National Anthem is being played before the start of every movie. Sometimes i get annoyed by this action, but still I do stand up during the National Anthem and even have a feeling of pride for my Nation.

The fact that I don’t like National Anthem to be played before the movie is that no one can force someone to respect their nation or to have a patriotic feeling and there is not control on the people in the theatres from stopping them insulting their National Anthem by not following the rules. Also, i did read somewhere that it’s not mandatory to stand for the Anthem when it is being played under an enclosed area specifically under a roof.

However the other day, when i went to Big Cinemas to watch a movie, I found a new video for the anthem, other than the usual one featuring Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. The video showed the handicapped children, who were either deaf or dumb, taking an active part in the Anthem. I was impressed by looking at each and every gestures they made with their hands for each and every word in our National Anthem. This was quite impressive. When the Anthem finished my hands began to clap by themselves and i was glad that it was dark in the theater, due to which no one could see that my eyes got wet.

Do have a look at this wonderful video of our National Anthem. (if you wish, you can stand for the anthem while watching)


  • Shailesh says:

    This is life , to accept what is n to more on with values, dignity and pride … hats off to these young kids who have accepted life n trying to make it n moving on with true smiles on them … keep smiling … keep blessed ….. 🙂

  • manaswini says:

    its too good to see even the handicapped singing the national anthem.hats off,it shows never n ever underestimate anyone.jay hind!

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