Apple Launches New MACBOOK AIR: It’s smaller and lighter

Apple has launched a new version of its MacBook that is even smaller and lighter than the original.

At 17mm thick at its widest point, and just 3mm at it’s thinnest, the 11 inch MacBook Air weighs just over 1kg. Space has been saved by using a solid-state flash memory rather than a traditional hard disk. There’s also no CD drive, which further reduces the bulk of the machine.

Apple’s justification for this is that most people would rather store their files, especially big files such as video and music online, so they don’t need much space for local storage. The highest available capacity is 256GB of flash storage, with cheaper models offering 64GB or 128GB.

Even though it’s light and small it still comes with NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor, which enables Advanced Graphics.


The device will be available in 11in and 13in models. Compare the two version’s tech specs here at Macbook air india site.

11-inch version with 64GB flash memory costs 60,900Rs and with 128GB it costs 72,900Rs. In 13-inch versions it comes with flash memory of sizes 128GB and 256GB which cost 79,900 and 98,900 Rs respectively.

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