Logitech launches Lapdesk N700 speaker with built in fan

Logitech recently introduced their first all-in-one laptop accessory with integrated stereo speakers, a built-in fan and a wide padded base.

Unlike most laptop speakers, the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 offers two built-in high-definition speakers with 2-inch high-performance neodymium drivers. Specially designed for notebook computers, the stereo speakers are precisely positioned on either side of your laptop to give you rich sound and powerful bass.


The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 is easy to set up and use, just plug in the single USB cable and play movies, music, online videos, and more in rich, full stereo sound. And to put convenient, independent control at your fingertips, the N700 offers volume controls for the speakers and an On/Off switch for the fan.

Additionally, the device also acts as a cooling pad for your notebook. So, if your notebook is troubling you by frying up with the heat while playing games or performing other heavy tasks, just make use of the built in fan of N700.

This device is available in India for a price of around Rs 4400.

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