India least favored for Data Centres

In the current world of cloud computing, IT companies are spending more and more of their moolah on new space for data centres. Seeing huge demand for data centres and their importance, Cushman & Wakefield and Hurleypalmerflatt conducted a study – ‘Data Centre Risk Index’. This index evaluated various risks to global facilities for data centres and IT infrastructure investments.

In this study India is ranked the second most riskiest location for a data centre. Main parameters where India scored ver low were inflation, GDP, ease of business and corporation tax. Quality of powere and outages also are major challenge and if we consider huge IT loads then our power outages are bound to happen. (Wonder, what would have happened during the past months north india power outage in case there were data centres out here).

Unites States has been ranked the best place for a data centre with lowest risks. Canad and Germany are also in the top five least risk locations. The most favored place in Asia is evaluated as Hong Kong, and it ranked as 7th best place overall. South Korea ranks second in Asia and 13th overall. China is also in the list of favored locations.

The index factors the risks such as energy costs, connectivity, and likelihood of natural disasters or political instability.

Though there is a future potential market in India as India and other key Asian countries are being preffered. But we will definitely have to wait for stabilization in our country both economically and in the business processes we allow. Along with power outages, internet and mobile communication is still not best in the world.

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