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What do you see when you turn off your TV screen, or your computer, phone, tablet? A Black Mirror.

With Season 3 of Black Mirror coming to Netflix this month, I happened to watch the previous episodes again. Some of the episodes are so great that I just keep on thinking about them even after few months of watching them.

If you were disturbed after watching first episode (The National Anthem) and stopped watching further episodes then I’ll recommend you to go ahead and watch them. Each episode is different with one thing in common – the effects (harmful) of technology. Even though we are capable of making awesome technology, are we sure that it will make our lives better, or worse? That’s what this show talks about.

There are few who argue that stories of this show are ridiculous, but they fail to understand that any of such technologies can come up in the near future. Well, i myself have thought number of times that there should be a technology where everything I see should be recorded, and if in the future anyone says that they didn’t say something to me, then I can rewind it back and show them how wrong they are.

You may love the stories, or you may hate them, but one thing is for sure that show will leave its mark. Some stories are so gut-punching and frightening, that its memories will get stamped into your brain. May be I went too far, but summary is that the show is awesome, and try to watch it with open mind and heart, thinking what will happen if such a technology exists.

I’ll recommend this show for years to come and will happily watch it again and again.

Season three of Original sci-fi series Black Mirror is the most-notable addition to the list this October. If you have not watched previous seasons then please do watch. Earlier seasons are already on Netflix. My favorite episodes are – White Bear (S2E2) and White Christmas (S2E4).

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