Coconut Water – Cure for All ?

Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside coconuts, and advocates claim that it possesses unique nutritional qualities. lt contains an array of sugars, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and has been shown in studies to be as good as sports drinks in replenishing the volume and electrolytes the body loses via sweat during exercise. ln fact, coconut water’s electrolyte levels so closely match that of human blood, it has been used as an emergency intravenous solution for hydration.

Coconut water has played a role in traditional medicine for centuries, and is believed to treat health problems like asthma, colds, fever, bladder infections, kidney stones, and diabetes.

However, while emerging science points out that coconut water may have unique health benefits, it’s a stretch to believe that it’s a cure-all. But considering you can gain a load of nutrients for only 46 calories per cup, you might find sipping coconut water to be a better option than today’s pumped up, artificially dyed and sweetened energy drinks. Not just that, we already mentioned before how Coconut can help you overcome hangover.

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