How to break addiction to junk food

Eating Junk FoodUntil recently, scientists didn’t believe people could become junk food junkies. But a new research reveals that the same neurological and behavioral patterns seen in cocaine and heroin addicts are also present in obsese rodents that are given extended access to a sweet, fatty buffet.

High-calorie foods trigger the release of dopamine, which results in a feel-good high. But eat too much junk food for too long and dopamine well overhelm your brain, causing it to compensate by decreasing the number of pleasure receptors. This means you’ll need to eat increasingly more food to achieve the same dopamine high.

To go away from the habit, you can eat better food available. Here are some easy tips”

  • Replace chips, ice cream, and candy with popcorn, yogurt, and fruit.
  • When you want a filling snack, eat crunchy vegetables, like carrots, celery, and radishes, dipped in salsa.
  • Also, it’s critical to reduce consumption of sodas(even diet ones) and juices because the sweetness can trigger overeating.
  • Wean yourself by mixing your beverages with an equal part of water or club soda.

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