Cristiano Ronaldo Defeated

The best in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, was massacred

Cristiano Ronaldo Defeated

So called Best in the world got massacred

“The first game is never decisive,” Portugal coach Paulo Bento had said before the game against Germany. However, what happened in Salvador, one may well, call it a nightmare. The morale of his troops would not only be down after the 0:4 humiliating defeat against Germany, the coach must also rebuild his team.

The Portuguese press reacted with horror to the downfall of their own team. The sports newspaper Record wrote “horror movie in Salvador” and a “black start”. Another newspaper called it a “huge nightmare” and a “crashing defeat.”

The Brazilian media had even called it a massacre. “The best in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, was massacred in the Arena Fonte Nova,” wrote the online edition of the newspaper “Estado de São Paulo”.

The best in the world, however, was only a shadow of himself who got a chance in the initial phase. In the end he had a meager 47 ball contacts (Philipp Lahm: 94) and his body language was sometimes a bit desperate.

Bento will now have some work to build his team again. Because it was not just a lost game. There was also a red card against Pepe. He will be missed against the United States and that will be a huge blow for Portuguese.

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