Mutants and X-Men possible in next 30 years

Mutant superhumans could be among us by 2045, a UK Ministry of Defence thing tank says.

Gene advances could help “genetically superior” humans gain X-Men powers, they claimed, but also warned of “genetic inequality” if advancements in biology were unequally shared.

“Human augmentation is likely to increase over the next 30 years, ” the 2012 summit of government, industry and universities experts heard.

Well, this is really interesting to imagine oneself as an X-Men or as mutants in the Television series “Heroes”.

I suspect that these kind of advancements will not be available to everyone and would be too costly and only a handful would be able to get a grab of these. But this will result in a huge inequality among the human race, with “genetically superior” humans being in control. What if someone thinks on the lines of Magneto?

On a funny side, we can imagine an experiment being gone wrong on a scientist/doctor and he goes berserk as normally in most of the comic books.

So, in case if you can imagine yourself gaining X-Men like powers, what powers you want to see in yourself?

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