Pregnant Vidya Balan Searches for her husband in Mumbai Public Bus

Continuing from my previous post regarding Bipasha Basu’s flash mob for promoting her movie, we left on the note that how far actors can go to promote their movies.

This is now really absurd what Vidya Balan is upto. She has dressed as a pregnant mother and travelling in Mumbai public transport Bus, with a sketch of her husband in her hands. She is trying to find her husband this way. Wow, that’s really an awkward way to promote her movie “Talaash”.

She has forgotten that she is Vidya Balan and is playing the character, that too in public. That really sounds crazy to me. One such incident of character playing and promoting was done by Hugh Jackman also, for promoting “Real Steel”, but that was in a WWE show and not a public bus.

I think i should keep a huge list of all such silly ideas bollywood people come up with. Anyways, you can have a look at her pictures and see how funny she looks doing such a stunt.

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