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Rice does not make you fat

white rice doodsinghThere is a Chinese proverb regarding rice and it says – “Without rice, even the cleverest woman cannot cook”. This prvoverb also holds true for most of the Indians as well. Rice is no doubt one of the world’s most important staple food. However, many of us have a wrong belief in our mind that rice makes us fat. Well, this is not true as rice is not fattening and also it’s easy to digest.

Contrary to numerous myths, it has now been proven by many scientists and diet experts that rice doesn’t make you fat and in fact it is good for you. This is because, rice mainly comprises of carbohydrates and these do not add extra pounds when they are consumed in moderation. Apparently, rice has approximately same calories as whole wheat and thus it not more fattening than wheat. On an average, a 100 gram rice-serving contains only about 0.4 gram of fat and no more than 100 calories.

Also, rice is easily digestable. This might be proved by the fact that many elders in your family will have to say that when you eat rice it fills you easily but you again feel hungry after a while. In namy parts of Kerala, India; rice kanji is perpared and is consumed along with coconut chutney and cooked beans and is a very healthy meal and it is also a great remedy for diarrohea.

In India, brown rice is not as popular as white one, but it is a good source of complex carbohydrates (starch and fibre). Brown rice is more nutritious than its white counterpart as it contatins fammily of B-Vitamins, Vitamin E and other minerals such as managanes and selenium. Whie rice too has calcium and essential B-vitamins – niacin and thiamine.

If cooked right, rice is a very healthy option. To make sure you cook it right, soak the grains for around 15 minutes and then cook this mixture (without draining) in a pressure cooker. The water used should be enough to steam away by the time rice is cooked. This way water-soluble nutrients are not drained away.

Rice has no cholestrol and sodium and thus it makes a healthy option for people suffering from hypertension. Diabetics can choose to eat brown rice, however it is recommended to consult your doctor.

In summary, rice is a healthy and nutritious option and does not make you fat. The only way it can make you fat is if you eat too much of it, as with other sources of carbohydrates such as whole wheat.

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